All Souls' Day Halloween

All Souls' Day - celebration of the dead. Living dead go to the cemetery to visit, and superstitious people believe that the dead came to the living. Humans, and today we hear stories about the dead men šiurpiausių visit to the living. Perhaps no other people are so afraid of corpses. It has since ancient times. Probably because such a strong cult of worship of the dead.
Souls of Lithuanian origin in the belief that the dying man is separated from the body soul, which then interacts with the living, to attend. Ghost in honor of the festival to the pagan tradition of the times. It is autumn, removed from time derlių.Etnografai argues that the cult of the dead and ancestral characteristic farming nations. In the All Souls' Day is preparing a feast in the cemetery or at home. Refreshments wanted pasigerinti vėlėms that they do not harm. The custom of eating at the graves, leave them on bread, porridge, eggs, pour cemeteries milk, honey and wine were the most common Slavic, Greek, Romanian peoples. Such was the custom in Lithuania.
Old people say that has not previously been customary in the cemetery during All Souls' Day to burn candles in the following days. Previously vėlėms was caused by a feast. Another nineteenth century in some regions of Lithuania and other parts of Europe has been the custom to prepare a feast in the cemetery or at home, invite them to their dead. Pavakarieniavus the same cemetery, they were leaving the food vėlėms. Sometimes the graves were watered with honey and wine. Later, a special value assigned to the fire. It was believed that the fire attracts souls, so they save energy candles. Burning candles compromised living with the dead.
All Souls' Day and is now celebrated all over Lithuania. This day brings all the family members, relatives while attending burials. Graves decorated with flowers and greenery, placed wreaths, candles ignited. Churches are burial service for the dead. One of the key date is the custom single family feast, during which the dead are remembered.

Contemporary honoring the dead is difficult to relate both to the ancestral cult, and religion to honor the dead. Not only believers, but unbelievers, and their obligation to keep this day to go to the cemetery, to honor the memory of loved ones, to express respect for the people, deserving people and homeland. These are all unity, focus, calm, and accumulation of the day, the holy fathers and forefathers oath to protect the memory of the dead. Lithuania, like many parts of Europe, it was the custom of All Souls' Day saw a ram, and the meat distributed pavargėliams. In the ancient sheep or goat was slaughtered ritual of thanks for their care of the deceased in the year banquet. Gervėčiai Lithuanians beggar necessarily distribute small cakes were baked, and sacrifice a sheep spatula church.
People believe that this day was threatening to go on a trip or even go out of the house at night, to protect the animals and leave them outside at night because numirusieji can cause harm. In the evening the family gathered at the prayer table, eating in silence, accidentally dropped the food was left to vėlėms, who were not invited. On the night saved the common table fruit, because the dead and continued to be treated as family members, by means of the food they subscribe to common concerns. Another day of food distributed beggars. It was believed that the beggar has a mysterious relationship with the dead is like a dead or living agents. Therefore beggar Lithuanians fear, fed, and gave alms. All Souls' Day custom persisted through beggar food division, which calls for prayer.
Lithuanians have always revered the memory of the dead, cemeteries as sacred places of rest for centuries and preserved from generation to respect the dead and sent their commemorative practices.
Late autumn dying trees, flowers. Nature is ready to pergyvenusi it again atgimtų. People similar to those of nature: birth grow up, get older and die, so meaningful, that All Souls' Day is celebrated in late autumn.
The eve of this festival, people go and visit relatives rushing foot cemeteries. Sepulchral knoll sumirga chrysanthemum flowers. And all night, All Souls Cemetery drowning by candlelight. In the ancient farmers believed that the fire attracts souls of the dead. The fire symbolizes the two worlds - the living and the dead - eternal call. Honouring the Dead celebrations burning fire - our desire to terms with those who came out of this world. Looking back at the flames, we forget ourselves and momentary merges with the past. We feel the fragility of the world, made better. Warm our souls and hearts of flame, soul and quiet, knowing that she is still alive in us.