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Famous pop singer and star Rihanna preparing to get married.You can help her by selecting the best bridal dress and bridal accessories.Also you can enjoy with Rihanna's song when you are playing this game.You can complete the game by selecting background from top left corner at the end of the game.We hope you will

Play with mouse.

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You can start by clicking "Play Now". The aim of the motor battle game is eliminating the computer or finishing the game first.You're playing this game with your keyboard.Use left and right keys to accelerate and break, use up key to jump and use down key to use your special energy.Your special energy is shown in green line.You can also take grenade, fire machine and rifles.You can control your motor's energy from gray chart.Let's start this funny race and be the best!

The aim of the Tom and Jerry game is providing Jerry who is stealing cheese from the fridge to escape from Tom. Control Jerry by mouse and you must jump over the blocks by space key. You can see your remaining chances at the top, you have 5 total chances on each game. You can pause the game by using "Help" section. Let's show the escaping road to Jerry and save it from Tom

Let's have an experience with ATV motor. You must balance your vehicle well and finish the chapter as fast as possible without getting damaged. Control your ATV with "Arrow Keys". Asgames.net hopes you have fun.

Enemy soldiers are attacking to conquer you castle. Create an army to protect your country and destroy all of the enemy soldiers. You must use your archery and infantries together. Use your "Mouse" to create soldiers and use "Arrow Keys" and "Space" key to adjust your shootings. Don't allow your enemies to capture your castle. Asgames.net hopes you have fun

For Single Player: Arrow Keys to Steer. Space bar to shoot. For Two Players: Arrow Keys to Steer. Space to shoot. W, A, S, D to Steer