At 9:30 in the morning,AEIGM

At 9:30 in the morning,AEIGM

in the first court, Feng Jun and his wife Chen together by the court. AEIGM Feng Jun is 58 years old, gray hair, wearing a grey sweater. For two people suspected of common crimes, Feng Juncheng: "do their own thing, just to show wife for money, and his wife has nothing to do."AEIGM

Feng Jun has served as the Nanjing Jiangsu Power Supply Bureau under the power supply bureau, Nanjing power supply bureau director, deputy general manager of Nanjing power supply company, Jiangsu fifa 16 coinsProvince, the power company marketing department, deputy chief economist, deputy general manager, general manager. In December 2011, he was transferred to the general manager of Shanghai Shi Dianli Gongsi national network.AEIGM

Along the way in Jiangsu, Shanghai power industry as a leader of the experience, Feng Jun become a convenient way to seek personal gain. According to the prosecution allegations, Feng Jun as a national staff, together with Chen, for taking bribes of more than 2600 yuan. Among them, Feng Jun alone to obtain or receive other people's property more than 1700 yuan, to seek benefits for others, their behavior are violated the relevant provisions of the criminal law, should be held criminally responsible for taking bribes. At the same time, Feng Jun's property, spending significantly more than legitimate income, the difference between a total of more than 7600 yuan,elder scrolls online gold should be held criminally responsible for the crime of huge amounts of property.

On suspicion of bribery, Feng Jun was accused of 8 sections of bribery,AEIGM involving 9 bribe people. For these charges, Feng Junjun pleaded guilty.

Buy a house to sell cars "can not lose"

Feng Jun is accused of bribery facts, including a number of Companies in the power company to take the cable business, software, supply and other services to help. Feng Jun in the process of bidding and bidding to do the responsible person to say hello, pleaseAEIGM take care of the same situation, and the successful bidding of the successful business is to give Feng Jun generous return.AEIGM