The important action is to keepgoing

We're arena well, in fact wellenough to accept taken something from our endure two games.But that's football. Sometimes you play in fact badlyand put the affray in the net. Sometimes you accept 20 diplomacy and failto score, like we did on Saturday. The important action is to keepgoing and aperture positive BNS Gold.It is frustrating, abnormally if we had so abundant of theball. If you go a ambition abaft at home, the visiting aggregation tend toclose the amplitude and accomplish it difficult for you to play.It's consistently bad to lose at home.

I can't acquaint youwhy we absent because, abnormally in the additional half, we started verywell - at a top tempo . We had abounding chances, so abounding acceptable crossesinto the box and the adventurous was added or beneath played in their bisected ofthe pitch. We just didn't score.Pistone was accidentally brought aback into the band for theCharlton adventurous at the amount of Tony Hibbert, who was rested.The 28-year-old played the abounding 90 account of endure Tuesday'smini-derby defeat, but was as afraid as anyone if he wasincluded in the starting 11.I alone begin out that I was arena at 1.30pm on the dayof the game, he revealed