Portable toilets of one form or another have been around for decades

Portable toilets are used on many different Container Houses; whether in the height of the festival season, a small camp site or on a temporary construction site you'll more than likely require a portable toilet. At AMA we supply hygienic, high-quality portable toilets which you can purchase or hire depending on your personal requirements.

Portable toilets of one form or another have been around for decades. The exteriors of early ones, commonly called outhouses, were made out of wood. Some sort of container was used to hold the waste. True outhouses were not truly portable and commonly were constructed over a large, deep hole in the ground. Then along came corrugated metal and it was used to replace the roofing and walls. Although an improvement they were still not genuinely portable nor sanitary. It wasn't until the 1940's that it developed into an industry as entrepreneurs realized the need.

As wooden and corrugated metal facilities fell into disfavor companies began to use fiberglass. Although an improvement it was found that fiberglass tended to retain odors and was also more brittle, meaning breakable, in nature. Fortunately along came polyurethane plastic, now the material of choice as it was lightweight, durable and with smooth surfaces, reasonably easy to clean. Being lightweight, the modern plastic portable toilet can be loaded/unloaded by a single individual. Simple improvements such as locking mechanisms that "really lock" and "occupied" signs have contributed to the success of the industry.

In addition, there is another significant advantage of steel containers, they are well worth the cost option.Even though preliminary expenses with regard to metal storage containers is significantly more than storage containers made from many other materials just like wooden or plastic resin, the price will probably be worth it as a result of longevity of the material. They can be used for a loner time, and even if you don’t want to keep them some day in the future, you can reuse and recycle them which may save you a lot.

Alongside the possibility of hiring a portable toilet, you can also hire toilet blocks, luxury toilets and shower facilities - and all at competitive rates! At AMA we strive to offer our customers the best rental and purchase rates in the market, and couple this with the clean, convenient and portable amenities we supply, and AMA are your number one choice for toilet blocks, shower cubicles and much more.

Furthermore, you can rest assured that the team at AMA will dispose of your waste in accordance to the latest government legislations. Plus all toilets on hire for longer than a week, include a weekly clean and service within the price.

All of the toilets we hire out and sell on have undergone a thorough inspection, which guarantees that they are clean, hygienic and completely safe to use. In addition to this, we will also deliver the portable Modified Shipping Container Home the very next day on a nationwide scale which makes us the perfect people to contact.