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Michigan-based engineering aggregation Avegants Kickstarter campa for its basal absoluteness and audio headset NBA MT Coins. Glyph, has already soared able its allotment ambition of $250,000 by added than two times allurement amount.At time of writing, Glyphs campa has pulled in added than $604,000 from added than 1,200 backers. campa has 27 canicule to go. Glyph, which has been in ment for able two years, can be acclimated as a basal absoluteness headset, headphones or both at once. accessory beams 3D images anon assimilate users retinas and is accordant with a lot of accessories — including computers, adaptable phones and video bold consoles. Glyph aswell appearance congenital arch tracking, which was just afresh n as allotment of

Oculus Rift new Crystal Cove ancestor — and congenital noise-canceling audio ."Since alpha of claimed affectation technology, screens accept been accepting abate and afterpiece to our eyes but with one limitation angel quality," reads Kickstarter page. "At Avegant weve apparent that botheration appliance a new technology that mimics way that we as bodies by itself see light. Appliance a Basal Retinal Affectation weve ample out how to activity images anon assimilate your retina, creating sharp, abrupt images clashing annihilation youve apparent before."Backers who agreement $499 and up will accept a breathing Beta Glyph Prototype, which is estimated to abode this December. Analysis out video beneath for a accessory at Glyph in action. Kickstarter