Mobile advertising Traffic Flies Better on Bebi

Today, there are plenty of statistics that show the growth of the Bebi ad network. For instance, according to ExchangeWire, “In the US, ad spend in Bebi ad networks is set to grow 30.9% year-on-year to $3bn in 2016 – accounting for 28% of RTB digital ad spend.”
But all this is a problem of the past. Automation has kicked into high gear and is helping publishers manage their traffic more easily. For example, MobFox’s new Bebi is an auto-optimization tool that streamlines the entire process. App publishers can now automatically update and optimize any campaign on all of their ad networks and demand partners.
Now all of this isn’t to say that companies should drop desktop, or focus only on mobile – instead they should consolidate.How is this different from any other Bebi ad network? In one big way: In a ad network, buyers and sellers don’t commit to a certain volume – only a specific rate.
Start working with Budgets. This will save you the trouble of monitoring your overall expenses over different markets.
What was clear from the discussion as a whole is that mobile marketing is becoming increasingly essential for brands, even for long-established traditional companies that are just beginning to dip their toe in mobile. To succeed in the future, every company will have to embrace mobile wholeheartedly.
*Free Tip – Run your core Keywords in Broad match type on a separate budget to get local phrases and related words in the search term report. This will help you come up with more Keyword ideas along the way.
You could be penetrating a new market in the Czech Republic with the goal to build awareness, while in France you’ve already established a presence and your goal is to scale up towards a remarketing campaign to increase ROI.
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