Olympic "rookie" won the first win

Olympic "rookie" won the first win Say good to "enjoy" the game, until the real stand in the Olympic Games when the 29-year-old Olympic "rookie" Yue Park or could not help but tremble. "Began to be too nervous, legs trembling, and later Capitals Jersey slowly better." Said this time when the park is standing in the interview area, the Olympic Games first group match victory has been in his hand, shallow smile hanging She and Wang Fan's face. Last year won the fifth world champion Wang Fan / Yue Park is the Chinese beach volleyball team in the Olympic Games only one team. They were the first opponent in the group stage from Switzerland's Foleier / Verghele de Pry, after they had only played against the Swiss portfolio once, and lost the miserable. Yue Yu said: "We did not want to win, just think of red, thinking to take http://www.authenticcapitalshop.com a little more to get a point." The first game, Wang Fan / Yue Yuan was 7:10 and 11:14 behind, but they stubbornly blocked a point after the king by the block to 21:20 overtake. Finally, Wang Fan after the success of the ball again in the fight against the ball succeeded, 24:22 back to victory. The second round of the Swiss portfolio pulled back a city, dragged the game into Authentic Capitals Youth Jersey the deciding game. The deciding game Wang Fan / Yue Park in 11:11 after 3 points, victory in sight. At this point, there was an unexpected episode. In the next ball of the competition, the opponent will hit the ball in the sector. However, Wang Fan / Yue Yu challenge opponents touch the net, and Hawkeye playback gives the support of Wang Fan / Yue Yuan results. The referee terminated the game, the scene of the Olympic team staff have begun to interview Wang Fan / Yue Park, and asked them to sign the ball. Surprisingly, the Swiss players have repeatedly gone down with the referee station referee exchange, the final vice president even surnamed Wang / Yue Yuan called back to the venue, so that they continue to race. What happened at the time? "When the other party hit the net, I did not care, because the ball continues," Wang said, "or the rules of the challenge is not familiar with it, (later the referee explained that after the violation) 5 seconds after the challenge is not, even if the ball. The Olympic Games beach volleyball game for the first time introduced the Hawkeye Alex Ovechkin Youth Jersey technology. Not only Wang Fan / Yue Park, the referee seems to have no rules, this has a "referee" and then "commute" the strange scene. Back to the venue, Wang Fan patted his thigh, once again "start" their own body. The Swiss team pulled back a point, 12:14, the audience a clamor. However, the next round of Wang Fan final word, will firmly clutched in the hands of victory. "(At that time) we are let each other to relax, with the normal state of mind to play," Yue Yuan said, "after all, shook three match points, the mind is relatively flat. The first time on the stage of the Olympic Games, but also to get the first victory, Yue Yuan's face filled with happiness, she worried about things did not happen. "Very happy, very excited, the most important thing is that we both can play the original fear of doing the first tight, nervous to not play ... ..." 22-year-old Wang Fan said: "too happy, happy to no words to say. After winning this tough battle, Wang Fan / Yue Park from the group in the prospects for the more bright. In the second round of the 8th group match, they will face the US star Walsh / Ross. Walsh is the winner of the 3th Olympic Games, she and the new partner Ross is the favorites to win this tournament. "Our idea is no idea, that is, to rush their rhythm quickly, we try to go with." Yue Yuan said. At midnight, the Copacabana Beach is bustling. Wang Fan / Yue Park after http://www.authenticcapitalshop.com/authentic-65-andre-burakovsky-jersey... the interview, the day of the last game just opened. "Night game very excited, already do not feel sleepy." Wang Fan said with a smile.