Iron bar: never seen him so fast

Beijing time on March 21, 2016-17 season NBA regular season to continue, the Rockets back to home Houston rebel Denver Nuggets. The audience finished, relying on Harden in the game left 2.4 seconds layup lore, the Rockets 125-124 win over the Nuggets. After the game, the Rockets are talking about Harden's play, Trevor Ariza said that this is the fastest time he had seen Harden ran, "Harden's performance is incredible, can now become the rocket Part of the really interesting, we need him to have such a contribution, his performance with the league's most valuable player. "Ariza said. "What kind of examples do you need in the end (to prove that Harden is MVP)? Every night, Harden will give you an example of this," coach Mike D'Antoni said. For Harden's high-speed layup, many journalists believe that it can be compared jersey.html with Wall's lightning breakthrough. But after the game, Harden was proud to retort, "I am too fast! I think my speed is faster than this (Wall), I feel I was flying Bolt. God striker Eric - Gordon is that, now, the league team to limit the rocket three-pointers, already more attention. Today, against the Nuggets, the opponent has done a lot of attempts, "Yes, they began to mix a variety of defensive strategies together, they not only want to limit our three-pointers ... ... but want to do this always It's hard, "said Gordon. For the Nuggets, after losing the past two games, their eighth place in the west has been precarious. Coach Mike - Malone said that in such a critical moment, he was looking forward to two veterans Gallinari and Wilson - Chandler can return as soon as possible. "I now want to use this word ... we can only wait, observe their rehabilitation, listen to their physical feelings, whether they both play (end against the knight's game), due to their body is comfortable, and Whether they have such confidence, "Malone said.