PUR Adhesive on both abandon of the tape

Double-sided tape, clashing scotch band is PUR Adhesive on both abandon of the tape. It's mostly used for afraid two pieces on cardboard calm or affidavit aback to back.

There are two types of lace wig adhesives, water based and solvent based. Both are very good. However if you have sensitive skin, water based would be the better option as it contains less chemicals than solvent based. On the flip side, solvent based adhesives tend to provide a much longer hold lasting up to 6 weeks.

Hot joya adhesive are one of the most important auxiliary materials and are widely used in packaging operations. The adhesive is a viscous material that connects the two separate materials together by their adhesive properties.

The adhesive is actually an additive, transported by the pump to the corrugator, and then applied to the flute. It is in the absence of heating when there is no sticky, only heated to a certain temperature, it will become a tough adhesive.

So what kind of adhesive? According to the material source distinction, the Food Packaging Glue and divided into natural adhesive and artificial adhesive. Natural binders are taken from nature.