Two kings

Premiership on the most outstanding team was Chelsea, less of a round of the Blues 28 war made 22 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, get 69 points ahead of the second 10 points, winning only time. Chelsea was so good results, there are two reasons, first, the coach's credit, last summer after the Blanche's pointer, the team was transformed, but was not successful, even in the return of Liverpool and Arsenal After the break evolutions, 3-4-3 tactical system rampant British football, Hao won the Premier League 13 straight to establish the leading edge advantage. Another reason Chelsea's outstanding performance is the recovery of superstars, especially Kurtuwa and Azar. Last season, Kuruta lost 38 games in 30 games, only six times the closure; this season, Kurutua played 29 times, only lost 21 goals, zero closure 14 times. As for Azer, 43 games last season, although scored 6 goals assists 8 times, but the Champions League 8 games only contributed 1 assists, the Premiership until the last fifth round before the season into the first ball. Clumsy performance, so that Chelsea fell to the relegation zone near the meritorious coach Mourinho also tragically get out of class. In fact, the two play bad, there may be related to Mourinho and then choose to work without power. No matter how, Culu Tuwa and Azar again recovery, Chelsea and then show glory. British media "Daily Mail" news that the outstanding performance of Kurtuwa and Azar, won the Real Madrid President Florentino's concern, intends to sign him this summer. The newspaper revealed that Azar has always been Zidane want to sign the players, as early as the Belgian star in the Lille period, the French fancier had recommended to Real Madrid, but then Zidane no right, and finally let Chelsea succeed; It is reported that Azal has been like Zidane as an idol, if Qi Zu personally invited him, then have the opportunity to sign the Belgian star, his speed will be expected with Bell to form a real "wings fly together." As for the Quur Tuva, he has played in Madrid, played extremely eye-catching. This season, Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas poor performance, low-level errors frequently, so the club president Florentino deliberately replaced him. Of course, Deheya is also the goal of Real Madrid, but Mourinho release is unlikely. British media "Daily Mail" revealed that in order to allow Chelsea to release Coulthwa and Azar, decided to use J Luo and Mora tower as a bargaining chip, the two players are Blues coach Conti like last year When the summer took over Chelsea wanted to sign them. For Real Madrid, if you can really use J Luo and Mora tower for Coutu Tu and Azar, it will be value, after all, two players in the Bernabeu is not the main force. For Chelsea, though Conti likes Mora and Jro, but the fall of Kurdish and Azal will mean rebuilding. A Password.