The king of Rome is kingdom

Beijing March 25, the Italian media "Sky Sports" news that the Roman vice captain jersey.html de Rossi will renew a two-year contract with the club, continue to stay red wolf. De Rossi 33 years old, Rome youth training system trained players, the Secretary midfielder in 2001 he entered the Red Wolf line burakovsky-jersey.html team, so far played 554 times, scored 55 assists 51 times, experienced the team ups and downs. Over the past few years, because of the existence of Totti, De Rossi has always been the vice captain of the Roman, Totti continued with the club renewal, leading De Rossi delay can not really become the red wolf captain, and thus spread a lot of stems. According to Totti's previous statement, this is his last season in Rome, De Rossi's contract is due this summer, red wolf vice captain do not leave together? If this is the case, De Rossi not be regarded as Totti boil death of the Roman prince? Prior to the news that De Rossi this season after the expiration of the contract, will travel to the United States or China to end their careers. Italian media "Sky Sports" disclosure, De Rossi's future peak, because he can still play an important role in the club, not only can live in the locker room, you can also continue to heat in the arena, this season played 33 times 1 ball assists 6 times. Critical moment, De Rossi can retreat kickback in the back, you can enrich the Roman tactical arrangements. It is reported that De Rossi and Rome have opened negotiations, is expected to reach an agreement before the end of the season. It should be noted that, in order to stay in Rome, De Rossi also made a great sacrifice, the salary will be significantly reduced. De Rossi's annual salary was originally 6 million euros, was once the highest salary Serie A, after the contract, his annual salary dropped to 2.5 million euros. New contract for 2 years, contract period to 2019 summer. As Totti decided to hang up his boots, as long as De Rossi and Rome to renew a new contract, he will officially become the team's captain.