Manchester United suffered FIFA virus attack

With the national team match day is coming to an end, the Premier League will also enter the final sprint stage. For Manchester United, they just get rid of the league's sixth position, only behind the fourth of Liverpool 4 points, this gap is not obvious, Manchester United for the first four hopes of increasing. However, from the team's situation, Mourinho is hard to say that the team itself, too many players, but also experienced the national team after the game, the team also suffered FIFA virus invasion, the current array There are as many as seven players may not be played in the next round of the league, for the upcoming usher in the devil race, aiming to fight four Manchester United, this will be no small test. In front of the field injury and suspended more. In the front line, the team's striker Ibrahimovic is still in the suspension period, the other captain Rooney is still in the knee injury recovery period, is also difficult to play. The next round against West Brom game, Mourinho is also expected to rely on Lin Gade, Rushford and other teenager to destroy the city. Midfielder, Herrera is also in the suspension of punishment, in addition to the team's midfielder Bogba also because of hamstring injury in the recovery period, against West Brom's game will be absent, the situation will be good Everton's game to pay. In addition, Feleniei is injured in the national team, because he will be missing from the toe injury in Russia against Russia warm-up match, whether it will miss the next round of the league is still unknown, but from the current staff tight situation, if Injury is not serious, Mourinho is likely to let him hurt to play. Because Manchester United is currently only a midfielder Carrick in a healthy state. In the defense side Manchester United employment is also stretched, the team's two defender Smolin and Phil - Jones have been selected national team, the results of all injuries back. Phil - Jones in the training by Smolling tramped toes, is expected to be absent for at least 4 weeks, and Smolling is also injured in the subsequent training to return to the club, whether it can not be outside the West Brown is still unknown. In addition to the team's serious injury situation, Manchester United in the next race is enough to make a headache. Throughout April, Manchester United played nine games, averaging 3 days to play a game. Which also includes two important European Cup knockout, in the league but also face Everton, Chelsea, Manchester City this rival. For Manchester United, they can not guarantee the UEFA Cup can win the case, must be in the league in the Champions League places to launch the impact, each game should be the best impact of one-third. In contrast, their rival Liverpool will be much easier, the Red Army in April only five games, in addition to against Everton's Merseyside Derby, the rest of the strength is not strong, although Manchester United is less Race two advantages, but the team's devil schedule and successive injuries, but also to the Red Devils fight four prospects is not optimistic. Nevertheless, the player still expressed an optimistic attitude. For the current situation of the team and the upcoming devil race, Mata said: "This is nothing to complain, this is the actual situation we must accept, these games for us is a challenge, but also show our real strength of a good opportunity, We have to make every effort for this season for a good result. "