The madness is named after the airport

The Portuguese national team and the Swedish team will be an international football friendly match, which is the March Portugal team ushered in the last game. But after the end of the game C Luo will not immediately return to Madrid, but to stay in their home Funchal, attended the Madrid International Airport renamed the ceremony, the airport will be named "Cristiano Ronaldo Airport", but The politicians in Portugal are mocking this. Francisco-da-Costa is a former Portuguese diplomat and now serves as a university professor and corporate consultant. Speaking of the airport for the C Luo renamed things, Costa in their own FACEBOOK said: "This is a fair irony, it is ridiculous .If the airport to Alberto - Joao - Hardy The airport is even more equitable, and for the past few decades he has been fighting the central government and the European community. And up - Costa is suggested that the name should be named after the C Luo better. "I know that my words will be controversial, and many people will be unhappy, but I have to make it clear that if the airport was renamed Hadim Airport, not C Lo Airport, I would not be so shocked. So I think it would be better to name the stadium or other basic sports facilities with his name. " C Lo for their own home particularly love, CR7 theme hotel in Madeira has a. The C Luo to the captain of the identity of the hometown, but also to participate in the airport renamed the ceremony is very happy. In fact, C Lo is looking forward to be able to return to their hometown after their success, to accept flowers and applause, in 2000 when he was still playing in Lisbon, when the team was informed that the team came to Madeira Island C Luo very happy, The whole family are going to C Luo to help out. But because of C Luo and dormitory administrator had a conflict, so the club's internal punishment to the Madeleine island game without C Luo, Real Madrid forward was still a child, sad to cry.