China has progress to play a chapter

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, March 27, according to foreign reports, the Italian jersey.html coach Lippi will be on the 28th to lead the Chinese men's soccer team against Iran, Iran coach Kui Luosi said in an interview, the Chinese team in the world marshal Led the next play more rules, with progress. "We are very happy, but there is still work to do." Queiroz told the Associated Press. "Lippi is a good coach.We have seen the Chinese team in the field to organize better.For us, this will be a tough game, but we are ready, is to try to get points, and Once again qualify for the World Cup finals. "Queiroz said. Associated Press in the report reproduced in the words of Lippi. "I hope my players will be able to jersey.html achieve better results.We know that it will be very difficult for Iran to play against Iran, and we do not have much time to prepare, but we will do our best." After winning six rounds of Group A in Asia, the 14-point Iranian team not only led the second South Korean team with a four-point lead, but also maintained a record of 540 minutes without losing the ball. The Chinese team is currently 5 points. The Associated Press said that the Chinese soccer team will meet with Lippi at this stage in http://www.officialflamesaut the Asian football the most difficult test, because the Iranian team at home there may be 100,000 fans to help out.