Travel to Ban Gioc in Cao Bang

Not only was destined to be the first Vietnamese, recently, the waterfall is also voted one of the seven most spectacular waterfalls in the world. Watching the waterfall cascades in white mist, rainbow in the fog and the rainbow in the sunshine also make you feel satisfied in the experience to Cao Bang land.
Rong travels on the beautiful north-east side of the country in the journey to Ban Gioc, crossing the road like a serpent winding at the foot of the mountain, the beauty of the mountains of the same message, The mysterious calm of the rivers, the streams, and the dense jungles are always blurry in the mist. Travelers with visa to Vietnam will encounter wildflowers lining the roadside and the peaceful scenery of the village, the smoke rings radiating from the folds of the house nestled at the foot of the mountain to make any kind of soul. indescribable emotion.
Passing Ma Phuc Pass, Khau Lien Pass, is the Ban Gioc waterfall. The waterfall is located in Dam Thuy commune, Trung Khanh district, Cao Bang province. Ban Gioc Waterfall is divided into two parts. The main section is located in the middle of the Vietnam-China border, divided by the Que Son River below; The rest is located entirely on the territory of Vietnam. The main waterfall is 100 meters high, 70 meters high and about 60 meters deep. From the distance, the waterfall falls down like a soft white silk strip across the mountains, creating an infinite attraction. Is the fourth largest waterfall in the world and the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia. Coming here, you can also sail on the Que Son River to admire the scenic waterfalls and majestic scenery on either side of the river. On the small boat, lost in the wilderness of the mountains, the sky, the wind bore the pure water, feel the immensity, flexibility, magic that created this land.