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talking about San Francisco not having to draft MUT Coins a QB.maybe. 5: The Patriots showcased their kryptonite in last night’s loss: the utter lack of a pass rush. Bill Belichick has curiously dismantled a group that at one point was poised to be the team’s strength. So far the Jamie Collins trade has been a lose-lose. New England can get away with this deficiency against the Browns, the Jets or any number of
teams lacking a top quarterback. But against the likes of Russell Wilson? No way. They will get crushed like they did last night. In other news, if this game featuring seven lead changes and stars galore among rivals didn’t draw a huge rating, the would really be in trouble. Luckily people watched in drovesit garnered a 14.3 overnight rating, which is the highest-rated Sunday Night Football game since 2011. And just like that the ’s ratings woes appear to be in the rearviewmirror.maybe the election excuse was right on after all? 6. Speaking of ratings, anyone else find Roger Goodell’s comments this week about
improving the product by reducing in-game ads awfully strange? Isn’t that just code-speak for a decrease in advertising interest analogous with the plummeting ratings in the early season? Here’s a guess that Goodell changes his tune with the sudden uptick in viewership. If we know anything about the , it’s that they don’t turn downmoney. Despite trailing Panthers until final second, Chiefs scrape out fifth straight win 7.
What a free fall for the participants in last year’s NFC Championship. Arizona is 44 but should be 35, and Buy MUT Coins Carolina is 36, hugging the basement of the NFC South. What is particularly striking is that neither team has lost its quarterback, or suffered any kind of severe season-ending injury. Was Josh Norman really that critical to Carolina’s success? 8. About that defensive two-point conversion rule… wow, what a finish in New Orleans. To recap, with 1:22 remaining the Saints were lined up for an extra point to break a 2323 tie