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Apple Safari is a useful and the 4th largest web-browser available online. Its technical support offers numerous solutions to resolve the queries relating Apple Safari, instantly. We have a group of qualified technicians who work 24*7 to sort out any type of problem you might be facing, with Apple Safari. These technicians work together, within the stipulated time they are ready, with the efficient solutions. In case of any sort of problem, with Apple Safari, connect with them.

Features of Apple Safari include:
1 -Synchronization of passwords, bookmarks, history, tabs and Reading List through ICloud.
2 -A private browsing mode that doesn't save browsing history or related information.
3 -The ability to zoom in on Web page details.
4 -Custom style sheets.
5 -Integrated QuickTime multimedia player.
6 -The ability to archive or email a Web page.
7 -Support for VoiceOver, an application that describes Web page content and reads text aloud.
8 -Options for keyboard-only navigation.
9 -A thumbnail display of the user's most visited sites.
10 -Apple's Keychain identify management scheme for password management.
11 -Integration with Apple's I Web software
12 -Nitro JavaScript engine, said to execute JS much faster than Internet Explorer or Firefox.
13 -RSS feed aggregator

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1 -24*7 customer support
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Apple Safari Customer Care Service:
Apple Safari Customer Support Phone Number to call is +1-800-811-4074 (Toll-free)
Apple Safari is a well-known web browser. There might be times where you are stuck, with it. In such a case, it’s always recommended contacting a talented as a well professional person who can solve that issue and guide you well, with it. The customer support of Apple Safari gives an opportunity to all those people facing problems, with it. Dial Toll-free number +1-800-811-4074 and help yourselves out, with Apple Safari.

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